Rib Roast With Wegmans

Chris talks with Chef Bob about how to get a perfect Rib Roast and all of the latest happenings at Wegmans!
>> all right, chef bob is back. not that he ever left. he took a nice hiatus during thanksgiving, how was thanksgiving? >> wonderful. absolutely wonderful. >> grandfather is 105 you saw him? >> yep. >> got some great genes. >> anyway, we’re cooking, this is standing rib roast. really it’s a prime ribs it not? >> this is cut more for like a family of four. this is a great size for that. we portion hit size because sometimes when you have big rib roast it’s difficult to cook. but you still need — this can easily feed four people, no problem whatsoever. it’s a nice rib roast. it comes with the bones attached so that you can make actually a sauce with this or — >> how would you do that? >> you can take the bones and reduce it with some water, some red wine, some shallots, that kind of thing make a stock then make sauce out of that. this is the way you’d make the stock. >> how would you sea



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