RI Monthly Covers Cheap Eats

Lisa Harrison from Rhode Island Monthly joins The Rhode Show to discuss their latest issue which covers a diverse range restaurants around the state that represent world foods.
the show. >> all right. ht rhode island is well known for culinary excellence, but a good meal doesn’t have to be costly to be quality. if you knowou where to go. tell us more about some great places for cheap eatacs, this is please is a harrisonis from rhode island monthly. th a lot ofof research went into this. >> absolutely. thank you for having me on. every year we do cheap eats fee fewer and this year instead of going the traditional route of burgers, dogs, pizza, manchester we do love that stuff, we decided to go global. we have more than 86 restaurants all around the state, everything from thai, cambodian, japanese, chinese, you name it, it’s here. we sent our intrepid food critic around the state and she tried all ofl these various places and reported back to us. >> they goes under cover to t these restaurants? ?you have to be, right, because you’ll be at the restaurant saying o



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