RI Lobster Boil

We’re having a RI Lobster Boil with Newport Restaurant Group.
shawn who i think is teaching us how to cook a lobster today. >> we’re in the kit ken here at waterman grill,ri the executive chef of waterman grill, michael canetta. we’re dealing with lobsters today and you haveda lobster macaroni and cheese on the menu, which isis epic, a big seller on the menu for how long? >> since day one. >> it’s pretty big. so you guys know whatno yo wu’re doing with lobster. >> yes, we do. >> and today we’re learning how to make a lobster boil. tell me about the ingredients we’ll be usingsi? >> the number one ingredient is fred. >> we named him by the way, his h name is fred. what else are we going to be putting in? >> it’s all the local flavors t of rhode island, so we have rhode island nil necks here, we have fresh corn on the cob, some baby red potatoes, lemons and butter. >> we put it in the pan p and let it zimmer for how long?w >> 20, 25 minutes. you layer



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