Great wines under $12. Brought to you by The Savory Grape
state or beyond, let us know by heading to our web site, fox providence.com. >> right now we’re in the kitchen with jessica, and she’s going to talk to us about wine. we have five of them here and what’s great is they’re all under $12. you couldn’t have to spend $25, $30, $40 for a great bottle of wine. >> to. there are great wines out there that are under $15, under $12, under $10, that rival some of the more expensive wines, so you don’t have to spend $20, $30 to get a great bottle. >> of course a lot of people think if you’re drinking wine, you want to drink a fine wine, but that’s not true. >> not true at all. they’re great up and coming regions, such as chile, argentina, portugal, spain, so you don’t have to get wines from the reknowned reasons of — renowned reasons of france and napa. there’s great varieties of wine that everyone should try. >> there’s even some great wines coming



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