Rhode Show Week In Review: Week Of 7/6

Rhode Show week in Review: week of 7/6
here on “the rhode show” with our guest host patrick. >> it’s been a lot of fun. here’s what we were up to in case you missed it. >> you’re a michael jackson impersonator. you look so much like him. >> we had a blackout in the middle of our show. >> still to come this morning on “the rhode show,” me in the kitchen. >> look at you. look at you cooking. >> ok. >> all right, i’m going to give it a whirl. >> they reall have been doing sort of a back and forth. >> there we go. >> look at that. >> they’ll pop on in just a minute. >> i feel like hugh hefner at my age. >> we’re getting ready right now to simulcast with giovanni and kim from 92 pro-fm. >> you know giovanni and kim? >> why yes, personally. >> am i going to get to meet them? >> yes. right now. >> who is that is this — who is that? >> not even close. patrick, since you’re the new guy, i’m going to heat and you can go ahead and talk



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