Rhode Show Time To Make The Donuts

Rhode Show Time To Make the Donuts
and our karen adams emceed the event. >> thanks, vince. if you don’t already know it “the rhode show” is a big fan of dunkin’ doughnuts coffee and nothing goes better with a cup of joe than one their doughnuts. so we tagged along with the east providence boys and girls club for a tour of the dunks bakery and as the kids knew, they were told, it’s time to make the doughnuts. >> really, who wouldn’t want one of these? >> this one is jelly filled. this one is rainbow. this one is specialty. this one is my favorite colors. because it has pink, orange, purple, yellow, white, stuff like that. >> just about everyone can name their favorite dunn kin doughnut, but what if you had the chance to create your own? would you go light on the icing? >> the frosting, it’s like sticking to you. >> heavy on the jimmies. >> i’m going to share them with my brother, because he loves doughnuts and i figured, h



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