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The Buzz on The Rhode Show. President Obama taking part in the NCAA bracket.
say >> march madness gets underway today in about three and a half hours on our sister station, cbs. people around the country have their brackets filled out, including president obama and it’s no secret that the president is a big basketball fan. some people think he should stick to more traditional domestic affairs. does it bother you? here’s a couple of what some coaches have to say, before we actually start to talk about it. >> and as much as i respect what he’s done, really, the economy is something that he should focus on, you know, probably more than the brackets. >> i’ll let president obama stick to running the country and i’ll try to coach my team to the best of my ability. >> oh. well, here’s something, that first coach was from duke and he didn’t think that duke was going to go very far. so i don’t know — >> but his close aids played for duke i think. duke or unc, one of the



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