Rhode Show Rewind

What a week The Rhode Show has had! Check out what you missed in this week’s Rhode Show Rewind.
if he’s sorry. >> today is our favorite part of friday. >> check out “the rhode show” rewind. >> everybody dance. ? when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore ? >> we are celebrating the luck of the irish andir joining me this morning is bagpiper shawn. >> the action getet underway for the ncaa tournament. >> we’re going to try to do something that we’ve rehearsed. r first timet in “the rhode show” s history, let’s do this. >> there we go. back to you guys. >> we brought in some irish dancers from thefr kelly schoolly of danls. — of dance.an >> i want to bent referred to as the night shadow from now on. >> hey, nightey shadow. >> night shadow. >> night shadow. >> we are now —- >> yes, the night shadow. ?? ?? >> john j granata gta from camille’s and joe zito. >> we wanted to present this to you before. welcome to “the rhode show.” >> i’m just going to put this over



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