Rhode Show Recap: In Case You Missed It

Here’s what we were up to this week in case you missed it.
i’m month surprised. if it was great stuff, it would have been out already. >> well, this has been quite a busy week for us. >> here’s a look at what we were up to, just in case you missed it. >> get the hands above the waist, shawn. right here. see that shawn. that’s last inch motion. >> i’d be worried about ashton, maybe trying to take bruce’s new car for a ride. am i going to get fired for saying that? >> no. >> oh, those are alive. that was an interesting find. >> good morning. i’m elizabeth hopkins. and i’m ron burgundy. >> and yes, he will be sawing one of us in half. >> we’re going to — hold on. >> well, that was an interesting find. >> we can also actually track shawn tempesta. let’s take a closer look. look at that. the red dot. that’s shawn tempesta. >> hang on a second. >> that’s shawn. and he’s with my wife. i’m getting curious as to why they invited me to host he rhode show



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