Rhode Show Cooking – Lobster Mashed Potatoes

Rhode Show cooking – lobster mashed potatoes
tc the three stooges are in there. patrick, take itit away. >> >> these two of course need to introduction, john granata and anjoe zito. how are you guys? i haven’t seen you in a few weeks. i waon vacation and you weren here but you weren’t here.he >> chef andrea was here and she and her husband james had a beautiful baby boy, 7-8, which is very v tall for a baby, jackson james and we’ll have a photo coming up in the next segment. >> great, great at news. what is this, lobster mashedd potatoes. doesn’t sound italian.so it >> you know when you’re on your big sprawling deck and making steaks on your grill. >> on mine? you’re talking about thehe mansion that joe lives in. >> absolutely. >> you can mak ce it italian. >> you’re always looking fo lr side dish to d impressss your guests, so you’ve got beautiful steaks on the grill, why don’t onwe do mashed potatoes with lobster in them. >> oh.o



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