Rhode Show 20090702

Rhode Show 20090702
we’re going to catch up with the judges, of so you think you can dance and find out what it takes to be america’s favorite dancer. >> and it is almost party time. the 4th of july is just a couple of days away. this morning, we have some ideas on how to help you celebrate. >> in th kitchen, tv maitre d’ joe zito is here and he brought one of the chefs from camille’s. you can get the recipe at foxprovidence.com. one thing you can’t ignore this morning, the weather is so intense. we’ll get over to michelle to take a look at that. >> and take a look at some of the damage and flooding we’re seeing right now. welcome to “the rhode show,” it’s thursday, july 2. >> i’m elizabeth hkins. we’re running on generator. >> we’ve had at least two blackouts. >> can i hear the thunder. your dog is probably terrified, not to mention your kids. >> yes. >> my dog it probably hiding under the end of the bed.



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