Restaurants Continue To Add Jobs

The restaurant industry may be one of the few adding jobs.
(mark) one industry is outpacing others when it comes to adding jobs.(elizabeth) signs reading “workers wanted” are popping up more and more in restaurant windows. marissa cleaver explains why this could be an indicator the economy is improving. 3 stacey james happily serves up food for the lunch crowd at the brooksider sports bar and grill.”always fun, always face-paced, never get bored. james is new to the restaurant.”stacey james – recently hiredi started here about three weeks ago. so far it’s the best place i’ve worked in years and years. he knows the frustration of looking – seemingly endlessly for a job. “there weren’t any jobs at the beginning of the year, not at all. there are plenty of hungry mouths to feed at the brooksider and that’s why the co-owner, michael depalma, says they’re hiring.”michael depalma – owner of brooksider we’ve been hiring for all positions actually. we’v



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