Restaurant Week New Haven

Sonia and Desiree face off in a quick cook cooking challenge
>> okay. >>> if spring fever hasn’t hit you yet, it will this sunday as new haven kicks off the second anal restaurant week. >> six day of ding without hurting your wallet. three new haven chefs compete in an iron chef competition. first a competition between me and sonia. here to moderate the cookoff, franco comacho, bespoke resturant. welcome. >> thank you. i’m excited that we can be here having fun. >> this is great. you have taken part in events like this before. you are the reigning champion in new haven. >> yes, i am. >> new haven restaurant week kicks off this sunday. it runs through april 24th. 25 restaurants taking part. >> definily, the best restaurants in new haven, and everyone is getting so excited about it, and i recommend you guys — >> very affordable. $29 for dinner – you did th — >> she is looking for brownie points right now. >> i’m going to need all i can get. you di



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