Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week kicks off at the end of the month, and these pre-fixe dishes go to help a great cause, Three Square Food Bank! Erica Thompson of Three Square joined Shawn to talk about the week and upcoming “Dish” event … then Chef Ryan Ross with Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant came in to whip up an amazing scallop dish that is out of this world!
>>> welcome to the “the morning blend,” you can help end hunger by ding out. there are dozens of eateries taking part to hend hunger. to give us the dish on the dishes, erica thompson of three square and ryan ross from roadway’s hawaiian restaurant. erica, first of all, restaurant week is huge. how did it ornl nature? >> this is the fourth annual restaurant week and it started in 2007. it’s grown from 20 restaurants the first year to 99 restaurants this year. we’re hoping to hit 100 or more. we’re excited. >> three square does great things for the community. >> september a hunger action month and restaurant week kicks it off august 30 through september 5. we have a lot of events from other ding events to shopping events as well as our annual fundraiser dish september 30. log on to threesquare.org to see the events. >> restaurant week, what’s the percentage what goes towards three square?



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