Restaurant Help Serve Victims

Applebee’s restaurant serves up free food to help feed community.
school closing information at www.wxyz.com. >>> in the aftermath of the torned aee in dundee, a local restaurant is doing its part to help the community. anu prakash is live in dundee with more on this story. anu? >> reporter: hi ere. since the tornado hit, applebees has been without power. what did they do? they set up shop in the parking lot to feed the commune. they hit the streets and spread the word that their is free food. >> we have chicken, steak, sauteed vegetables, cold sandwiches, fruit, fruit salad. >> and it was not long before hungry workers and volunteers started showing up, working overtime in the aftermath of the tornado. and there is a lot of stuff and people who could use the food right now. >> we have turkey and cheese here. okay, there is — >> without power, the manager said they were close to having to throw away all of this food and instead, they decided to fire u



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