Relax And Rejoice

new way to get you the help you need during the day
oregon, wisconsin.me up >> life can get pretty hectic, so one local woman came up with a new business to give you more “re hours in ylaour day. tonight, courtny gerrish shows you a new way to relax and toyou guys, ha a g enjoy. care of r >> of a taking care of her ownwo…taking family, tasha fleming gets to work taking care of others. she started her air rans service about a year ago. >> i was baking for people, i was helping somebody plan a party.”i was ba >> so sheking turned it into a business called relax andso rejoice. >> there’s just not enough hours in a day. not en how many times do you hear people say about that.s for a >> tasha is always on the move, after making cookies for a client, she heads out to run other people’s errands, from the the y dry cleaners to the u.p.s. store and then on to the grocerymorning, i’m store. a’s pu >> goodtt morning. i’m good. how are you. >> tash



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