Regina Ragone

Regina Ragone visits with Mary about healthy eating.
>> and 2% of americans do not want to give up their favorite foods finding the balance is something our next guests know a lot about. our directer regina rigoni. nice to see you. >> thank you for having me here today! >> through the association we have this great program to teach people all about mod rage and committed a half million dollars to let people go onto their website and get a certificate to see a registered die tick for their initial consultiation. you can find out what is the best eating for your lifestyle. becauseall going to depends on your dependser your activity level, your age. >> why can’t you figure that out and having a professional weigh in seems valuable. >> yes. the thing is there are so many confusing messages and skip this, have this. >> and chocolate during the day will help you eat foods and four hershey kisses is only 400?รง calendarra res and once in a while



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