Reduced-fat Butternut Squash Soup

Mark Hackett joins us to cook some delicious soup for the Spooky Zoo!
stay tuned to hear how they y think they did.ey lily, you’re in the kitchen. what are we cooking todayin?? >> it involves c>>heese. mark hackett is the man to talk about all this, because you’re from cabot, that’s synonymous with cheese. >> we love people who love cheese. >> i would put cheese on dirt and i would still eat it. >> there you go.o. >> tell me what you brought here, this looks likeis cheese, it’s actually butternut squash and what else do we have, two different kinds of cheese. >> well, i just did the difference between shred and cubed, a lot ofot people — a lot of recipes call for shredded s cheese and i hate shredding cheese. >> it takes so long and you hit your fink years. >> and you don’t have to. i just cube my cheese all the time, especially in the soup, it’s going to melt beautifully in there. this is low sodium chicken broth, we have our cabot lightig cheese, butter



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