Red Wine Slows Down Aging

Drinking red wine can slow down aging and gives benefit of low calorie diet, according to Dr David Sabgir.
3 you’ve heard of the benefits of drinking red wine for your heart.now it can help your waistline too. abc6 health reporter susan burton shows you why you may want to grab a glass. 3 3 red wine can give you the same benefits as a low calorie diet. it contains a natural compound called resveratrol that tricks your body into thinking it’s getting fewer calories than it actually is. is.(“so what resveratrol is doing is mimicing a calorie restricted diet and they think this may be part of the french paradox why the french are eating, at least in southern france, eating this high fat diet but living longer”) 3 doctor sabgir stresses not to go overboard. overboard.(“if you don’t drink we don’t recommend you start to drink because of this, you can still see benefits in grapes and nuts that contain alot of resveratrol”) resveratrol”)red wine has higher concentrations of the compound than white



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