Red Stripe Wayland Square

Cooking Duck Confit
onit over to lily. t >> hey, mel, eywe are making duck confi in the kitchen this morning with chef ben, anden it sounds like you’re french. >> i have a french background. french canadia n.n. >> interesting. just like the celine dion. tell me a little bit about this dish we’re making.ak i thought these were wheat berries. >> >> these are freshhe green 11 tills — lendonss, and it’s a classical dish, it’s a long, long process. you have to marinate, cure it, and it takes about one full week in my restaurant. this is not a n slow s dish. i’m showing you the easy part. there’s many people behind these dishes, many great preps who put their time in. >> i’ll tell you what the ingredients are, but if you’re really interested, maybe you should go by youryo restaurant. ur tell people where you are a chef at. >> red stripe, east rtr providence, de in whalen square. >> great locatioren. i’ve seen it



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