Red Stripe’s Mussels

We’re cooking Red Stripe’s Mussels with Red Stripe Narragansett.
want to see my dog.do >> let ‘s head to the kitchen with patrick little, he’s over o there with the red stripe. jaimie d’oliveirair here from red rstripe. pewe’re cooking — i shouldn’t say we’re, because if i cook it will be a disaster. but mussels this morning. >> it’s a straightforward preparation. this i s ath recipe of o mine for the red stripe restaurant.pe i do mussels nine differentne ways. wa >> nine different ways. >> all the different country styles this, is my version. >> what do we have. >> jamaican red stripe beer. >> key ingredient. >> very key ingredient. that’s how the restaurant was named. peo, salt, pepper with olive oil, garlic and shallots. >> you say nine different waysre to cook mussels. >> yes. >> the average guy would probably just throw them t in, i’m talking about myself, notot stereotyping all of us, some of you can cook o ut there, 12 minute bowl and make sur



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