Red Ice Broccoli And Carrots

Red Ice Broccoli and Carrots
the kids. >> it’s crazy. it’s a party back here. i haven’t even had a chance to introduce myself. maureen, nice to meet you. tell us what we are making. >> we are making red ice. >> does that sound like something that appeals to you? she’s a little skeptical, but that is is kind of the nature of this, because it’s stuff that they’re making, well, we have all these ladies here for take your daughters to work day, we have — we’re going to make some things that they may normally avoid because it’s veggies, but we’re going to make it in a delicious way, right? >> exactly. >> i want the girls to come here for just a moment, because i want you to introduce yourselves. who do we have here? >> bianca. >> what’s your last name? >> conti. >> bee annika is actually my cousin’s daughter. we have a bunch of ladies here in the kit ken this morning and we’re going to make this red ice. how do we get s



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