want to paints the walls with these colors, try pillows, area russian and candles. >>> if you’re trying to eat healthy but can’t resist your favorite foods, today’s guest’s first book, hungry girl, spent six months on the best seller list. now hungry girl, 200 under 20. how do you come up with this? where do you get your inspiration for those amazing, light recipes? >> i’m like most women, obsessed with food. i wanted to find ways people could eat the foods they were craving and really wanted to eat and still fit into their cute jeans. the inspiration comes from a lot of different places. a lost time it’s from our 700,000 subscribers who signed up for our daily emails and get tips e-mailed to them every day. they give us feedback and write in their requests. >> when it comes to restaurant dishes, what are some of the biggest shockers among the supposedly light menu items? >> that’s a gre



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