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Recipe Round-Up is your chance to get in our kitchen and share your delicious dishes with all of Tucson. This month, our pint-sized chefs are Haile and Nia with a quick recipe for shrimp curry lettuce wraps. nnEnter Recipe RoundupnnWinner’s Website
>>> we’re joined every week by top-notch chefs to share with us her best dishes. but we know there are some aces in the kitchen watching us from the comfort of home and we want to meet you and taste your crafty creations so we came up with recipe roundup. our pint sized chefs of the month are haile and nia. they’re here with a quick recipe for shrimp curry lettuce wraps. welcome to the show, girls. >> hi. >> wire a show called “kids can cook.” tell us about that show. >> it’s a video weapon cooking show and kids that love to cook and those who want to learn and we demonstrate fun and healthy and easy recipes for you to cook with your family or just by yourself to surprise somebody. >> so cute. >> really cute. we consequent on the website and we have a little clip of the show, let’s take a look. >> i’m haile. >> and i’m nia. and we’re the hosts for “kids can cook.” kids can cook is for ki



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