Recipe Roundup

Recipe Roundup is a contest just for you, Morning Blend viewers! We want to know your one-of-a-kind recipies. Here’s the exciting part: if we pick yours, we’ll invite you to prepare and share it with the rest of our viewers on the show!
>>> as you know, we at “the morning blend” love, well, food. and we can’t get enough feedback from you our viewers so we came up with an interactive segment that we’re calling recipe roundup. >> we’re asking you to e-mail your original recipes to entrees, snacks and drinks. if we pick yours you get to come on and make it for our viewers. if you’re famous in your family for something you make we want to hear from you. >> before we start it we want to show you how it will work. ann and i will want to share our one one-of-a-kind recipes. it’s called peek ka vigo. >> not peek ka deguyio. >> it’s cuban dish, comfort food, it’s delicious, it’s a ground beef dish. what you do is put your ground beef in a pan, put that on medium high. >> let’s see if we have that. no. >> do that over here. >> you grew up with this dish eating it as a kid, i love it, so many good memories, you know how food bring



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