Recipe: Pumpkin Bread Pudding

A dessert that combines two holiday favorites.
antonio living and this is so delicious, two of my favorite things, pumpkin bread and bread pudding in one. >> this is a recipe that one of our fabulous chefs did several years ago and he actually redesigned it and made it even better. >> oh my gosh, and so you have to start with pumpkin bread, right? >> you can make your own but this was already available at central market and it’s just so amazing. >> at central market. >> and this is perfect for thanksgiving. >> i’m going to let you make this, i have no milk and cream that i have scalded and i’m going to add a couple of teaspoons of sugar in and stir tunneuntilit dissolves but in the meantime i’m going to add some pumpkin pie spice, some canned pumpkin and then a little bit of vanilla. >> what am i making here? >> this is going to be the custard, and then you have the milk and cream that has been heating — >> there are all of the than



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