Recipe Box: Young Chefs Academy

Recipe Box: Young Chefs Academy
introduce them to new and different foods—by involving them in the process. (from yesterday’s recipe) yesterday, our young chefs made some delicious turkey wraps filled with onions, zucchinis, peppers.. to fill the recipe box today, we solicited the help of more pint-sized cooks for another healthy meal…homemade hummus, anyone? we went back to young chefs academy in virginia beach for a lesson in god eating! fox young chefs part two how was the recipe? you can find all of our recipe box recipes online at fox43tv.com. and there’s a bonus on there..a recipe great-tasting berry smoothie. do you have any mouthwatering meals that you’d like to share? here’s your chance to be a tv chef! send us your recipes and a picture of the final dish if you have one… and maybe, just maybe, i wil stop by your house to give it a try! just log on to fox 43 tv dot com, scroll over news at 7 and click on



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