Recipe Box: Turkey

Recipe Box: Turkey
we’re helping you prepare your thanksgiving feast– and who wants to serve dry, tasteless turkey on the big day??? some people swear by brining.which is basically the method of giving the turkey a saltwater bath. a warning—this only works with a thawed turkey, so if you’re going to brine it…you ned to plan ahead.your turkey should be thawed by the day before you ned to cook it. if you do plan ahead, this is a fairly easy way to prepare a turkey that is full of flavor. saved under: fox thanksgiving turkey final once you have washed of the marinade…cook it as normal, roast, to fry, or to smoke your turkey. we’re talking about thanksgiving sides on wednesday-and healthier ways to prepare your traditional holiday favorites.. you can find the entire recipe online at fox43tv.com. while you’re there, check out our web exclusives. on fox43tv.com, we have sit-down chats with the chefs. we t



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