Reasons You’re Paying More For Produce

Below normal temperatures in places like Mexico and Florida may be driving the prices up.
paying more for produce these days? below normal temperatures in places like mexico and florida may be driving the prices up. 17’s paige hansen reports. the produce manager at green frog market won’t be unloading fresh tomatoes much longer. experts say a deep freeze that hit mexico earlier this month has grocery stores and restaurants preparing for shortages. customers are going to see the prices down, and then eventually there’s not going to be some of the product they want in the stores anymore. products like tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers… we can’t grow those items here this time of year, so we rely on shipments from warmer climates, like mexico. this is the first time probably in 20 years that we’ve seen it hit the market this hard, and our antici seen the brunt of it yet. fast food chain, wendy’s, posted a sign alerting customers tomatoes will be offered “by request only” un



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