Real Women Of Philadelphia

Real Women of Philadelphia is a contest that was sponsored by Kraft, Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Paula Deen on the internet.
paula den and kraft are loking for real women of philadelphia, philadelphia cream cheese. look to further the star has arrived. the blend things to. debbie is the nextcoking star. welcome to the blend. >> thank you. >> i’m so excited to have you here. i watched your audition tape and i think it is fantastic. we are going to show a video of it in a litle bit. tell us what you are doing, what the competition is and i think it is the winning tape. >> i think so, too. carley, what i’m doing, i’m making a very simple pie that any mom or home cook can make called mounds of joy whipped pie. i have been competing with thousands of other women to get a chance to host paula deen’s web cooking show. >> everybody loves paula den. >> she is the queen and we love her. philadelphia cream cheese and kraft have sponsored this contest and since march we have been submitting videos. i submitted 18 videos.



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