Real Food Cafe

How about a stack of blueberry pancakes, a fluffy omelette filled with all your favorite veggies or some mouth watering French toast? Real Food has all this and much more and nothing on this menu will set you back more than a Hamilton. Rachael takes us inside.nnSee Show Notes for Links
drake. @@ i know you love food as much as i do… and i think there’s nothing better than rolling out of bed… and going out for a delicious breakfast! breakfast!today we’re taking you to a popular cafe that’s known for it’s mouth-watering pancakes and french toast… it’s fluffy omelettes… and homemade breads…the best part, as rachael is about to show us, the real food ca may be big on taste… but easy on your wallet. wallet. frank amodeo/real food cafe -freshhomemade and large @@ portions-all dishes under $10! -cozy, family atmosphereal food cafe-2419 eastern ave. -5430 northland dr.-closed on rachael told me she tasted all four of the shes frank made… and couldn’t decide which one was best.. they were all delicious! delicious!best…. they were all delicious! delicious!you know the measure o a great cafe… when there’s regulars who come there each and every day… the real fo



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