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The World’s Most-Read Magazine Is Launching The New Year with a Total Transformation including full curation with the February Issue. Also, the Magazine’s “We Hear You America” Campaign Hits the Road to 100 Communities to Celebrate the “Best of America;” Offering Support Across the U.S. During These Difficult Economic Times.
>> it is the same drill every year. despite our resolutions to lead healthy lives, by the end of january most of us are back to where we were in december. joining us today is michael feigin to help us make the resolutions stick, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so it’s about mid-january. acht lot of us have maybe lost our ways. what do you think makes those resolution goes by the wayside so quickly? they’re hard. >> it department take long, did it? >> no. >> i think the big problem this time of year is the people lose patient. they expect it to be done so quickly right out of the gate and no one is patient about it. i suggest be patient. strategize what opportunity do, how you are going to do and if you happen to follow off the wagon the wagon is moving very slowly. stand up, get back on the wagon. >> i like that metaphor, that is a good one. losing weight, getting in shape that



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