Raspberry Sangria Tea Freeze

recipe from Atrium Tea Room.
katherine from the atrium tee room. we’re manging a raspberry sangria tee freeze. we start out with four tablespoons of tee, pop it into — tea, pop it into our tea maker and add our 208 degree water. let that brew for about five minutesment we’re not going to put it alternate way to the top of the water because this will make it really, nice and strong when we can taste the final product. we have some that is already brewed here. so what we’ll do is we’ll pop it into our blender. which works really, really well. and then it’s so simple. all do you is add a bunch of ice to it. and a bunch of frozen strawberries. and about one to two tablespoons of strawberry preserves. you just pop it all in there. pop the lid on. then you blend it for about a minute. then check your consistency. you don’t want it to be too runny. you want it to be a little bit thicker. if it’s not thick enough, add more



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