Randy’s Fish Market / Penne With Shrimp

Penne with shrimp, portabella mushrooms, sundried tomatoes & spinachnRandy’s Fish Market / Naples
the recipe with chef richie miller from randy’s fish market in naples. he is executive chef. >> how we doing today? >> i don’t know how we are doing, but we are about to do even better. today, what are you coking? >> oh, it is a shrimp pasta with penne pasta, spinach, portabella mushrooms, gulf pink. plenty of shrillle in the gulf. >> that’s one of the reasons we are doing the staycation week on the blend. florida is is still fabulous. 825 miles of wonderful beaches and sitting pretty close to one of them is randy’s fish market restaurant where chef richie is proud to cook up a little shrimp with pene pasta, sundried tomatoes. >> portabella mushrooms. >> this looks like one of our favorites we have had and there goes the spinach. add a litle spinach to your diet and he’l live to be 157. >> a little more of the gren. >> more spinach? >> it goes down to nothingness. we’re going to add a li



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