Randy’s Fish Market / Naples

Coconut encrusted Mahi
>> i don’t mean to put you on the spot but whoa, man, when you toast conut, you toast conut. >> very quick. >> had is this the debut of this fish dish? >> it is. tonight is the first night. >> that’s pretty good. that’s got a little alcohol in it, chef of. >> just a wee bit. >> i feel like i’ve had a shot just breathing in the fumes. this is brand new tonight? >> tonight, yes. >> it’s never been eaten before? >> never, ever. first time served at the dinner hour. it’s going to be lovely. >> what have you done to prepare this? did this come fro– >> we just think of these things. i sit down with my chef and other cooks and throw things back and forth and come up with wonderful ideas. >> i have to ask you, some of the people who come over to randy’s want to knowch we have been watching the news, keeping it on fox 4, we know the oil spill is devastating, it is depressing. is it affecting how



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