Rallie McCallister “The Mommy M.D.”

The leaves are changing, and there is anticipation in the air. Your kids are so excited about fall and trick our treating. Moms are excited too, but they also want to make sure that their trick-or-treaters are safe and healthy. The Mommy M.D. is here to help as she recommends gussying up your dinner to match the spooky theme.nnVanDeKamps.com
the corner, kid will be trick-or-treating and while it’s exciting we want them safe and health y author of rallie mccallister. >> thank you for having me. i’m excited to be here. >> shawn: we’re going to send the kids out safe. what are safety tips to remember? >> as far as safety, make sure the children are wearing costumes with reflective surface on them to drivers can see them. make sure kid are accompanied by another child if they’re older or adult if they’re young and carry a flash flight. never go into anyone’ home without an adult. stay outside. >> some might skip going out and stay in with the kid. i see you have items easy to make. show us. >> i do indeed. it’s important, even if our kids go out, we want to feed them a healthy dinner before they go so they’re let’s likely to eat all the candy. moms and dads in a hurry think of pizza or chicken nuggets but think about fish becaus



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