Rainbow Gardens

Pick up your Thanksgiving meal at Rainbow Gardens.
and if you’re stuck for side dishes to go along with your turkey, rainbow gardens is here to help. i always want to comment on how colorful everything is when you’re here, but hello, it is rainbow gardens. makes sense. when it comes t thanksgiving dinner, there is so much focus on the turkey. it is the boring part. >> well, it is an parent — an important part. we have ideas for a flair. >> we’re making thre dishes. >> we are going to roast some nutss with a cajun spice. >> you take the mixed nuts with the spice. >> melt a little bit of butter because the seeds with their own fat but you want to ad flavor. keep them roasting slowly. stir them constantly. wait until you start to smel them and a little color and hit this with the soy sauce at te end and creole seasoning. >> we’l switch. we will add great veggie chips we sell in the restaurant. we will make an interesting dip. start with bu



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