Rafael Palomino

Rafael Palomino owner of Pacifico shares his recipe for Lobster with Mango and Lemongrass.
ceviche. >> ceviche like a seafod cocktail. citruses, and we infuse it with anything. we will make a lobster mango lemon grass ceviche. >> let’s talk about this. we have the lobster to the right. what have you brought with you today? >> lobster, what we did, you cook lobster, place it in boiling water with vegetable, celeries, carrots, onions, wine. >> why do you boil it with all of that? >> get flavor. you place it very slowly, ratio, pound lobster, about 4.5 minutes. >> okay. >> they overcok it — the other thing we do, massage it, to soften it. >> you massage it. >> you always want a restaurant that massages a restaurant. that’s the key. >> that’s it. >> with this dish is presentation. >> the other half is taste. with any dish. you are going to use acid — >> meaning the citrus. >> balsamic vinegar. i use it because it is lighter on the acid, and swet. > a lot of chefs prefer that. >>



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