Radiant Fryer

machine allows users to fry foods using halogen lightbulbs instead of being immersed in hot oil. people then sampled t hashbrowns fried using the traditional frying method and comparedt to his new technique. k eener says the radiant fryer produces an equivalent product, but is faster and h ealthifaer. kevin keener: most fried foods contain between 30 and 50 percent oil. with the radiant frying process, we can actually produce a fried food with equivalent characteristics, cross formssation, color development, even the taste of the oil delivery, the flavors you like from fried foods with about 10 percent to 2010ce percent. kyle fettig: the radiant fried one s a lot more crispy and had rea better texture all thro ughout, whereas th e regu lar freaied one ela had a much soggier taste toer it, it wasn’t as good. t oo keener says the next step is working with foodwi



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