Rachel In Dallas

rachel in dallas at texmex restaurant
check this out. this is the way they serve nachos here at joe t. garcia’s in fort worth, texas. isn’t that amazing? and then take a look over here. these are the fajitas, and we are just getting started. they serve tex-mex family style and they have been doing thit way for many years. i am actual wi jo t. how are you? >> fine, thank you. >> when i say you’ve been doing this a long time, i mean it. >> right, since 1935. >> you’re third generation? >> that is corect. >> joe t. garcia was your grandfather? >> my grabbed fearks and jessie, my grandmother, started the restaurant in 135. >> why is this the place for tex-mex? >> it’s the best in town, as far as i’m concerned, the best you’ll ever enjoi. it’s good. >> let’s talk about the food y. do it family style? >> we’ve always done it family tile style, it’s just something we’ve done for years. it comes out in platters with the beans, the g



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