Quick White Bean Salad

Laurie Crowell whips us an easy bean salad.
>>> we’re making something today that’s quick, easy, and won’t heat up the house. >> laurie crowell is here with a crespi for white bean salad. confession time. “sex and the city”. >> never seen it. >> i have the entire series on dvd. >> one of my fries told me she was going to kidnap me and make me watch one time. >> you’ll love it. >>> beans are underrated sometimes. >> i think a lot of times they don’t know how to cook them so just don’t even try. it’s one of the easiest things you can add into your food, into your menu that’s a pretty protein and good for you. this is a simple white bean salad that, from beginning to end, takes less than five minutes. you can certainly cook the beans from scratch, but — >> why do that? >> sometimes you can cook a big batch ahead of time. they’re kind of plain on their own. >> i love beans. beans are delicious. >> basically it’s the white beans and c



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