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Easy ways to mash potatoes
withre at the top. that is very interesting. if you’re planning a vacation, you may want to consider traveling to hawaii. >>> we are in the kitchen ghow — nowand we are taking a cooking class. i was on the web looking at all of different classes that you are having for spring break, some for the kids and some for the adults. we have a cooking class here in san antonio living. we are talkin potatoes. >> that is the most asked question about how to make mashed potatoes. >> it’s very simple once you have some techniques. >> okay. >> we will talk about that when we get to the actual mashed potatoes. once you have the potato cooked, there’s several options. a lot of people use the electric mixer, the beater. >> no, i think i use my fork and have at it. >> in just a regular potato masher or fork works fine. >> you are assuming that i mash actual potatoes real ones, mine come from a box and th



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