Quick Bites: Trattoria Romana

Our TV Maitre d’ Joe Zito visits a popular Lincoln restaurant where he says the owner, Luciano Canova, and his restaurant have one thing in common… they are both authentic Italian.
— from gold’s gym in east greenwich and pstawtucket, head over to foxprovidence.com.nnToday in quickk bites, o,ur tv maitre d’ visits a popular lincoln restaurant where he says the owner and his restaurant have one thing in common. They’re both awe them particular italian.nnTo me it’s a trip to italy without the bulky luggage. .to know, to appreciate and to understand this lincoln restaurant, wauhich just opened another stylishli location at lio the south county commons in wakefield is to meet m the one and only luciano, to learned as a young boy on his small family farm outside of rome t ohat good food would definitely be his calling.nnI must coins, my mother, — – my cousin, my mother, my sister s and brother, we ate the food that came off our farm, f so that’s what became my passion, so when i decide to, you know, learn to become a chef, i i already work in the best restaurants, joe



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