Quick Bites: Tommy’s Pizza

Our TV Maitre’ d Joe Zito visits a Cranston restaurant where pizza, pasta, and wine are a winning combination.
Morning inhi quick bites, s,our tv maitre d’ visits a cranston restaurant, where pizza, pasta and wine are a winning combination.nnFor 50 years, tom’s pizza, still a driving 55-year success s story has now given birth to a second location, right here in cranston. Tommy’s pizza too. Call it few and improved, if you can improve on 55 years of success that is.nnIt’s been a dream of mine, a lot of passion, a lot of love to get this place going, i’m really excited and the reception from cranston is wonderful, surrounding areassund and it’s wonder ful to see patrons from the chalk stone avenue store have moved out, come back, you haven’t seen people if 20, 30 years, isar really a family friendly home style food.nnYou’ve been making pizza since you were how old? H how many years?nnSince i was 12, so 33 years i was making pizza.nnDo you think a million pizzas have come and gone through those han



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