Quick Bites: The Iron Works Tavern

Built by industrialist Thomas Jefferson Hill in 1867 for the manufacturenof malleable iron castings, The R.I. Malleable Iron Works factory providednthe nucleus for the village that was to grow around it. This mill, the adjoiningnmill housing in the neighboring blocks, the train depot and the ElizabethnMill next door were all part of Hill’s vision, who gave his name to the villagen”Hillsgrove”. The Malleable Iron Works factory burned in 1918 and was almost immediately rebuilt.n n nThe Iron Works Tavern is located in the original main office building, wherenHill’s office was located on the second floor. Much of the original foundrynhas been preserved, such as the 8-foot, 300 pound solid oak front door,nthe ceilings and beams, along with the brick. Many other details have been replicated to match the time period. The Ironworks Tavern is a reflectionnof this areas rich history and a beacon of its promising future.
lily, over to you. >> this morning in quick bites, our tv maitre d’ has discovered a warwick restaurant, joe zito with today’s quick bites. es>> call it a delicious slice of rhode island history, rightto here at the iron works tavern in warwick. this stylish new restaurant is now housed in the factory, that industrialists thomas jefferson hill built in 1867 as the rhode island malble iron works. and ford owner joe, who owned popular scopes for yearsor in thishi neighbor neighborhood, this wass as a long time in coming, but well worth the 10-year wait. >> that’s why we saved this portion of the building, was it had pohatential. the rest of it was a garage. this had the potential of a nice restaurant, abutting a nice hotel. middle of the intermodal.te middle of the city of warwick, across from the airport. i talk about location. how can you get better than that. >> the iron works tavern ha



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