Quick Bites: Stanley’s Famous Hamburgers

There are burgers and then there are Stanley’s burgers, a Rhode Island tradition since 1932.
Ss morning in quick i b qites, our t mader defigures by b now, — our tv tv maitre d’ figures after the big meal, you’re ready for a burger.nnThere are burgers and then stanley’s burgers, a rhode island tradition since 1932. What stanley started almost 77 years ago in central falls during the great depression, lives on in the big city in this stylish second location on richmond street in providence. Here, that sweet, unmistakable aroma of theom stanley burger hangs in the air, just like many accolades hang on the wall. Call it the sweet smell of success.nnBurgers, fries and milk shakes. I gave that logo to a designer ig and i just told them that i wanted it colorful and fun. And we wanted to red and yellow as our staple colors, coach — ketchup and mustard and wed wanted it fun for family and kids and that is what we gotha out t of it.nnWhat is it that sets the famousus stanley burger fr



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