Quick Bites: Souper Bowls

A new lunch eatery in Providence is serving up Souper Bowls of
r more f ood. in this week’s quick bites, our tv maitr e d’ is still in game mode, east versus it’s a new downtown hot spot, where he says there’s a super bowl party every day. here’s joe zito with more. >> well, it’s the>> perfects time for it in more ways than one. welcome to super bowl. the super bowl may be in dallas this year, but today aim crowing about super bowls, which is touchdown here in providence’spr financial districiat. this stylish little soup emporium, the shared vision of partners jeremy, jessica, and nick, a culinary arts teacher at woonsocket’s beacowon charter rt school is a luncha restaurant, with a differe nt vibthe to be sure. >> we wanted to keep it nostalgic and work with the financial districtct area, where re wh you have some of the older buildings, so we wentwe with the t vintage football thentme and we decided we would about with soups, so we — go witoh sou



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