Quick Bites: Sorella’s Simply Italian

Sorella – means sister in Italian! Laura and Doreen (the DeVincent Sisters) come from a family of long established Northern Italian Cooking.nnSorella’s specializes in authentic Italian cuisine. Their veal and chicken is hand pounded and breaded. The sauce is made daily and cooks for 8 hours. They make our own dough, soups, meatballs and roast their own turkey!
>> and welcome back to “the rhode show.” this m orning, our tv maitre d’ hasha discovered d a great north providence restaurant, where he w says two sisters have joined h forces to create a menu that makes him shout, oh brother, is this good. g >> this is joe zito, with w this morning’s quick bites. >> you>> could say, sorel is simply italian, is simply i delicious. de ouit’s the italian word for sister and in thisd mineral springs restaurant, you’ll find two of them, laura and doreen vincent, who hit the ground running since ce they opened their north providence restaurant last november, serving up a simply italian menu, starring meat ball, veal, chicken, pasta, pizza, calzones and sandwiches. >> we grew up w in the restaurant business, myss father owned manyan different spaghetti places, wela always had a liking for it andan wanted to do something on my own wn and went in the corporate



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