Quick Bites Rosinha’s Restaurant

Rosinha’s Restaurant in Pawtucket, RI.
to have experienced from afar. >> shawn, over to you. >> thank you so much. this morning in quick bites, our tv maitre d’ discovers a hidden jewel in pawtucket, where cape ven cuisine takes over. here is joe zito with today’s quick bites. >> unique am bience, wonderful food. >> chances are, you pass by hope artist village and never ever imagine that this captivating and charming portuguese restaurant is here. a true fees — feast for the eye, as well as the pallet. >> and i feel so lucky to have people here appreciate what i had done, because i bought my — brought my style to the place to create a place like unique and second home for everybody. or my vision, i did everything, all the decorations, this has been my dream. this is like a dream come true. >> a national i have of the cape verde islands, with a passion for food, helps to meld the culture over here. >> he used to be a portugu



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