Quick Bites: Primo’s Culinary Market & Deli

Call it gigantic culinary talent meets tiny space. Welcome to Primo’s Culinary Market, offering gourmet takeout.
Charity that he mentioned, head to foxprovidence.com.nnI have notha seen a line and everybody is wearing red satinri inthis morning. In this morning’s quick bites, our tv maitre d’ discovers aa cranston market.nnCall it gigantic culinary talent. Meets tiny space. Welcome to primo’s culinary market. Offering gourmet takeout. When you walk in, it’sn, hard not to bump b into someone you know, literally.ll tables and chairs, forget aboutai it.it.nnYou know, i hea krd i of boyb, what is this, like byot, bring your o wn table? Talk to me, man?nnIt’s a tiny pl tace with a lot of character. .very warm,ar and it’s something totally different than what i’m used to do.nnWhat chef campanella has b een ee use today do fordo almost two t decades is manning kitchens, in award winning upscale restaurants. He is a well known commodity with an impressive resume, going from 650 seats to none and that’s jus



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